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Orgeat Syrup

Orgeat Syrup is a drink created by the splendid combination of almonds, rose water, sucrose and orange-flower water. The drink is most often used to serve as an added flavor in a cocktail.

To test out the taste of orgeat syrup, you can most easily run down to your local bar or restaurant and try the popular drink, the Mai Tai.

Even better, you can buy orgeat syrup online, then make your own Mai Tai or other drink with orgeat syrup!

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What is Orgeat Syrup?

“Orgeat” or Latin “Hordeata” syrup was originally created by a delicious mixture of barley and almond juice. Both contain traces of fat but the taste of the drink leaves everyone spell-bound.

Orgeat syrup or juice contains ingredients like water, artificial flavours, citric acid, formulated coconut oil and sucrose obtained from a sugar- cane.  

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Preservatives are added to retain the aroma and taste of the drink for a longer time. These preservatives are produced by a combination of Sodium Benzoate, Citric acid and Potassium Sorbate.

Where can I purchase orgeat syrup?

Bottles of Torani orgeat syrup can be purchased online at a reasonable price, and can be utilized as a taste-maker for Mai Tais, and other drinks and cocktails.

A similar form of liquid is produced on the  island  of Nisyros and is known as “Soumada”. We have provided some links above on where you can buy orgeat syrup, or even orgeat syrup substitute.

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Orgeat Syrup Buying Considerations

If you’re not yet sure if orgeat syrup is for you, we’ve provided a few buying tips.

  • Gather any information relating to the taste, side effects and other features of the orgeat syrup. Do you want the pure syrup, or orgeat syrup substitute? Proper product knowledge will enable you to buy the right drink for yourself, whether that is pure orgeat syrup, or an orgeat syrup substitute. If available, go through the reviews on the product made by the customers, or get information from the internet.

  • What drink or food recipe will you use the orgeat syrup with? Does the recipe allow an orgeat syrup substitute? If not, your best bet is to go with the pure orgeat syrup.

  • Who will be drinking or eating your concoction? Ensure that your audience doesn’t have any allergies related to the presence of almonds in the orgeat syrup.

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